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Tastes like vacation.


Candela is a legendary rum infused with Mamajuana spices; inspired by Taíno Shamans over 500 years ago.

Mamajuana, done right.

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Candela Mamajuana

750ml - 30% Alc/Vol (60 Proof)

A true legend.

Natural spiced rum infused with Mamajuana spices and sweetened with organic honey. Aged in oak barrels.

Certified: Candela is FDA and TTB-approved.

Handcrafted in the Dominican Republic.

Ready to drink: this Mamajuana is ready to serve - no need wait.

All-natural: Made from natural, locally-sourced ingredients only. No artificial ingredients or flavors.

A Dominican Legend.

“We can’t confirm nor deny the rumors about Mamajuana.”

With a history going back centuries, there’s much to be said about Mamajuana.

There’s a reason why this hidden gem has inspired countless stories and unforgettable memories for generations.

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Taste Candela

Available at hundreds of locations in the USA and Dominican Republic.

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What is Mamajuana?





Natural Spiced Rum from the Dominican Republic

A Dominican Legend.

Mamajuana is a naturally spiced rum from the Dominican Republic.

It’s a product of the Taíno People’s energizing tonic combined with rum, becoming one of the first drinks in the Americas.

Made by blending native barks and spices with rum and honey, Mamajuana is famous for its energizing qualities and infamous for its other properties.

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