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Mamajuana, done right.


Handcrafted in the Dominican Republic with pure native ingredients, following the authentic method of the Taíno People.

We're proud to make the finest Mamajuana you can buy.


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Smooth... like the Punta Cana breeze.

With top notes of native rosewood, finished by the subtle sweetness of organic honey, Candela is as smooth as the Punta Cana breeze. 

Savor the Dominican Republic's most infamous creation.

Enjoy neat, as a shot or in your favorite cocktails.

Why Candela is better:

Ready to drink: no need to add any ingredients, nor wait- this mamajuana has already been aged.
Handcrafted in the Dominican Republic.
Proudly made with all-natural ingredients. No artificial colors. No artificial flavors.
30% Alc./Vol. (60 Proof) - 750ml






Spirit/Liqueur/Cordial.  Alcoholic Beverage from the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic's Native Liqueur.

Mamajuana is the product of the Taíno Indian’s herbal tea combined with European alcohol, becoming one of the first distilled spirits in the New World.

It's made by concocting native tree barks, herbs, roots with sugarcane alcohol and honey.

Mamajuana is famous for its healing qualities and infamous for its other properties.