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What is Mamajuana?

Mamajuana is a Natural Spiced Rum from the Dominican Republic



One of the first alcoholic beverages in the Americas, Mamajuana is the product of the Taíno People’s energizing tonic combined with European alcohol.

Thus Mamajuana was born and many Dominicans began concocting their own homemade recipes.

That was, until Dominican dictator, Rafael Trujillo, caught on to this “epidemic” of the rumored aphrodisiac elixir.

He issued a decree forbidding the sale of Mamajuana without a medical license.

As a result, Mamajuana became the signature drink of the Dominican Republic.

Today, Mamajuana is the go-to drink of Dominican resorts. It’s hard to visit Punta Cana without getting offered some.


Mamajuana Recipe

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The 500-year old recipe:

It’s a simple recipe: 

Rum + Mamajuana Spices + Honey

Let these ingredients steep and voilà: Mamajuana.

The mix of herbs and barks used in Mamajuana is credited to the native Taíno People. This special combination of sticks, roots and barks are famous for their health benefits.

When paired with alcohol (which extracts the medicinal properties of the herbs and barks), Mamajuana is reported to have curative properties.

Mamajuana has been used as a cold and flu remedy, a digestive and circulatory aid, and most infamously, as a sexual stimulant.


Types of Mamajuanas

"Not all Mamajuanas were created equal."


Mamajuana exists in 3 formats:

  1. Dry Mamajuana sticks. Add rum and honey at home.

  2. Ready to Drink (with sticks): with tree barks soaking in the bottle.

  3. Ready to Drink (filtered): For example, Candela.

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How to Drink Mamajuana

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The Common Way:


Mamajuana is usually served as a shot. 

Pour Mamajuana in a shot glass at room-temperature. Plain and simple.

This is how most people in the Dominican Republic drink it.

Mix it up!

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