Types of Mamajuanas

"Not all Mamajuanas were created equal."


Mamajuana exists in 3 distinct formats:

  1. Dry mamajuana sticks. Add rum and honey at home.

  2. Ready to Drink: with tree barks soaking in the bottle.

  3. Ready to Drink: filtered -> Candela.


Candela is a premium, ready to drink Mamajuana. 

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How to Drink Mamajuana

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The Normal Way:


Mamajuana is usually served neat. 

Pour Mamajuana in a glass at room-temperature. Plain and simple.

This is how most people in the Dominican Republic drink it.

    The Candela Way:

    • Cocktails: Mixologists love Candela; you'll love it too.  Candela mixes easily and creates unique cocktails. See our Recipes.
    • Shots: A shot of Candela will make you feel a nice warmth and goes down easily.

    Still Curious?

    For more information about Mamajuana:


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    Boozy Bark Juice aka Mamajuana. Wood chips aren't generally considered good eating, let alone good drinking. But if you're in the Dominican Republic, you can partake in Mamajuana, an alcoholic beverage steeped in herbs, bark, and spices. It's a hundreds-years-old herbal tea, and it's supposed to be a source of vitality and energy.

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