Types of Mamajuanas

"Not all Mamajuanas were created equal."


Mamajuana exists in 3 formats:

  1. Dry Mamajuana sticks. Add rum and honey at home.

  2. Ready to Drink (with sticks): with tree barks soaking in the bottle.

  3. Ready to Drink (filtered): For example, Candela.

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How to Drink Mamajuana

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The Common Way:


Mamajuana is usually served as a shot. 

Pour Mamajuana in a shot glass at room-temperature. Plain and simple.

This is how most people in the Dominican Republic drink it.

Mix it up!

  • Cocktails: Mixologists love Candela; you'll love it too. Candela mixes easily and creates unique cocktails.

  • See our Recipes.

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