Mamajuana Cocktails


Enjoying Candela is easy.

  • Sip it

  • Shoot it

  • Mix it

Rocks or neat, you’ll love the heat.

Try these recipes at home:

cocktail-punta cana-mamajuana-passion fruit juice-chinola.png

Punta Cana

3oz Candela

2oz Passionfruit Juice

1oz Lemon Juice (fresh)

Garnish with Mint Leaf

cocktail-tiguere mamajuana lemon juice mint.png


3oz Candela

2oz Lemon Juice

1oz Jalapeño-infused Syrup

cocktail happy ending-mamajuana-kombucha

Happy Ending

3oz Candela

3oz Kombucha

cocktail oriente caliente yuzu mamajuana prosecco

Oriente Caliente

2oz Candela

2oz Yuzu Liqueur

2oz Prosecco

Serve in Champagne Flute