Life is full of questions.


Is this real Mamajuana?

Yes. Candela is 100% authentic Mamajuana, hand-made in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


How come it doesn't have the sticks inside?

Candela is a premium Mamajuana.

We filter the Mamajuana sticks out during the bottling process to comply with international export regulations. 

Even though Candela is clear, it tastes just like "traditional" Mamajuana (if not better).

Where can I buy it?

See our store Locations.

Online: You can also purchase Candela online. We ship to most US States. Buy here. 


Is this legal?

Candela is 100% legal. We produce our Mamajuana in FDA-approved facilities. Our products are TTB-approved (for sale in the USA) and comply with FDA regulations. 

Mamajuana used to be illegal a few decades ago. Not anymore... Now,  Mamajuana's popularity is booming and Candela is leading the charge in this new Mamajuana renaissance. 


I've heard rumors about Mamajuana's effects. Are they true?

As we always say: "We cannot confirm nor deny any rumors about Mamajuana."


Is this a Rum?

Yes. It's a premium, naturally-spiced rum. It’s like the spiced rum you’re used to drinking, except it doesn’t have any artificial flavors or colors. It’s also a bit sweeter and smoother on the palate.

Mamajuana is a category of its own. It's made with Dominican rum. Once you infuse the Mamajuana ingredients, and add honey, it becomes a Mamajuana. 


What is Mamajuana?

Mamajuana is the Dominican Republic native liqueur. It's also become Punta Cana's official drink.

Mamajuana was originally an energizing tonic. It's a 500 year-old recipe inspired by the Shamans of the Taíno People. It became popular for its effects and is an emblem of Dominican culture and pride.


Is there Marijuana in this?

They sound similar, but Mamajuana has nothing to do with Marijuana (Cannabis)!


What does it taste like?

Imagine a fine Dominican aged rum. Now add an aromatic herbal flavor to it and the subtle sweetness of organic honey. That's what Mamajuana tastes like. 

Mamajuana is like an aged rum, but smoother and sweeter.


How do you drink it?

Sip it neat. In the Dominican Republic, people sip Mamajuana neat. They just pour it in a glass, room-temperature, no ice. 

On the rocks. We've found people also love it on the rocks. 

As a shot. Once people have a shot of Candela, they forget about Tequila and Mezcal! Candela shots have become incredibly popular amongst our fans. This is what everybody's doing in Punta Cana.

Cocktails. Candela is a fantastic cocktail ingredient. It mixes easily in any recipe where you'd normally use rum. Try making an old-fashioned with Candela and you'll be surprised. Mix it with Passion Fruit juice or other tropical flavors. Make a Daiquiri with it. Or just mix it with Ginger Ale and lime juice. Candela is very easy to work with.